Pinto Bean & Roasted Red Onion Salad

Kale Green cabbage Roasted red onion Fire roasted corn Chopped salted peanuts Pinto beans Sun dried tomatoes Cilantro Dressing: Lime juice & zest White wine vinegar Olive oil Cumin & coriander Salt & pepper Agave syrup

Parsnip & Apple Salad

Kale Roasted parsnips Roasted granny smith apples Toasted walnuts Roasted red onion Marinated, baked tofu For tofu: Marinate overnight in – soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, molasses, red chile flake, fresh ginger.  Then bake to firm Dressing: Olive Oil Roasted walnut oil Apple cider vinegar Salt & Pepper Honey Nutmeg Roasted dried coriander Dried ginger

Roasted Carrot & Onion Salad

Love, love, love oven roasted onions! Kale Dried apricots Dry toasted salted almonds Roasted carrots Yellow onions, roasted with rosemary sprigs Garbanzo beans Dressing: Lemon juice & zest Olive oil Cumin Cayenne Salt & pepper Honey Fresh rosemary Dijon mustard

Creamy Southwestern Salad

Kale Cabbage Fire roasted corn Mini heirloom tomatoes Black beans Jalapeno Cilantro Avocado Red onion (soaked in lime juice) Dressing: Olive oil White Wine vinegar Lime juice & zest Honey Chile powder Cayenne Salt & Pepper Greek yogurt Roasted coriander Cumin

Bell Pepper & Butter Bean Salad

  Kale – both curly and dinosaur varieties Roasted pearl onions – white and red Butter Beans Pistachios Tri-color bell pepper rings Mini heirloom tomatoes Dressing: Olive oil Pistachio oil Grainy Dijon mustard Honey Minced roasted pearl onion Salt & Pepper White wine vinegar Lemon juice Soy Sauce

Red Pepper & Tempeh Salad

  Kale Red bell pepper Carrot ribbons Sunflower seeds Red curry marinated baked Tempeh Tempeh: Full fat Greek yogurt Thai red curry paste Fresh ginger slices Soy sauce Rice wine vinegar Dressing: Olive oil Red wine vinegar Smoked paprika honey Salt & pepper Crushed small garlic clove Cilantro Dijon mustard

Golden Beet & Pistachio Salad

  Kale Roasted golden beets Golden raisins Pistachios Carrot ribbons Hard boiled eggs Dressing: Roasted Pistachio oil Olive oil White wine vinegar Grainy Dijon mustard Salt & pepper Honey

Roasted Sweet Potato & Red Bean Salad

  Kale Roasted Sweet potato Red beans Mini heirloom tomatoes Cilantro Red onion slivers Lime Juice Dressing: Red Wine Vinegar Olive Oil Brown Sugar Salt & pepper Chipotle Dried roasted coriander & cumin

Rainbow Pickles

Sliced and stacked veggies in a tasty brine. Quick refrigerator pickles to enjoy! Red bell peppers Carrots Yellow bell peppers Sugar snap peas cut on the bias English cucumber Peeled radishes Garlic cloves (slightly smashed) Pickling brine: Water White vinegar Salt Sugar Fresh Dill Crushed:  black mustard seed, whole coriander seed, ajwan seed, black peppercorns