Winter Slaw with Tahini Grapefruit Dressing

Red cabbage Napa cabbage Lacinato kale Edamame Cilantro Green onion tops Jalapeno Ruby red grapefruit Toasted sesame seeds Roasted peanuts Golden raisins Dressing: Tahini Grapefruit juice Rice wine vinegar Ginger Jalapeno Soy sauce Agave syrup Salt Red chile flakes  

Winter Vegetable Salad

Roasted butternut squash Roasted cauliflower Roasted brussel sprouts Dry toasted walnuts White beans Dried cranberries Dressing: Horseradish Greek yogurt Shallot Garlic Cilantro White wine vinegar Honey Olive oil Cayenne Salt & pepper

Dandelion Greens with Burnt Honey Mustard Dressing

Red-stemmed dandelion greens Roasted golden beets Quorn Chicken chunks Roasted pistachios Dressing: Burnt honey Grainy Dijon mustard White wine vinegar Pistachio oil Olive oil Salt & pepper Cayenne