Minty Cucumbers & Bean Sprouts

English cucumber Lacinato kale Bean sprouts Extra firm tofu cubes Roasted, salted peanuts Cilantro Mint Jalapeno Dressing: Light coconut milk Rice wine vinegar Lemongrass Red chile flakes Lime juice & zest Mint Cilantro Basil Garlic Sugar & salt Fish sauce

Spinach with Tomato Miso Dressing

Spinach Red onion English Cucumber Grape tomatoes Quorn Chicken cubes Parsley Goat cheese Dressing: Tomato paste White miso Burnt honey with whole grain mustard Red wine vinegar Olive oil Oregano Thyme Garlic clove Salt & pepper Water

Peanuty Carrots

Carrots Purple kale Jicama Fried gluten rolls Parsley Chives Dressing: Peanut butter Peanut butter powder Rice wine vinegar Sriracha Soy sauce Dijon mustard Agave Salt Water

Greek Salad with Artichoke Hearts

Kale Artichoke hearts Cannellini beans English cucumber Heirloom mini tomatoes Kalamata olives Red onion Feta cheese Dressing: Olive oil Lemon juice White wine vinegar Oregano Zata’ar Salt & pepper Honey Garlic clove

Turnip Greens with Yams

Turnip greens Yams (steamed) Quorn chicken Green onion tops Cilanto Feta Cheese Dressing: Tahini Dijon mustard Honey White wine vinegar Salt & pepper Cayenne