So, What, No Thoughts Along the Way?

As you’ll quickly notice, posts before October 2018 have no commentary on the salad, its composition, flavor combinations, or what I liked (or didn’t) about it.  Since my original intention for rainbowinmybowl was to keep track of, and take personal pleasure in documenting, my creative culinary pass-time and its nourishing results, it didn’t seem necessary to write a commentary for each salad. Basic categories and star ratings seemed to be sufficient.

I’ve come to realize, however, that the times in which I respond to requests from friends about “what to put in a salad” and the pleasure that comes from actually sharing in my creative process (and its results and infinite variations) necessitates some thoughts, reflection, and dialog about each meal.

Hopefully those posts without commentary can stand on their own; if not, I’m happy to try to recall what I thought, tasted, & experienced with anything you’re curious about. And moving forward from October 2018, I’ll endeavor to share the other (and equally important aspect) part of creating and enjoying!