What about Measurements & Instructions?

When I originally started this recipe collection, I had intended it as a for reference for myself.  Taking pleasure in the creative process of designing my salads, buying and prepping all of the components on Sundays for the week ahead, and then savoring the results of my efforts, was (and still is) purely a “selfish” endeavor.  When I build a salad (or a soup), especially the dressings, no components are measured out; I don’t usually follow any standard guidelines of a certain amount of acid to oil, etc., because I am building to suit my own taste preferences and the needs of the dish as a whole.

With that as my mindset, the most efficient way for me to record my creativity was to capture a list of both the salad components and the dressing ingredients for each salad as it came together. I’ve found it’s provided the base for future variations and combinations, jumping off points for new salads that are either completely different from those before or just riffs on previous meals.  What’s fun for me is to scroll back through all the meals I’ve created and see the variety that being curious and open to the wide world of produce and vegetarian foods has engendered.

I’d love for you to take inspiration from the collection and create some artistic, delicious, healthy salads that please you and to help with that, I’ve started (as of Oct 2018) to include some amounts in the ingredient lists.  (keeping in mind that I am preparing most of these salads, soups, and other lunches) to provide me with 5 – 6 days worth of meals, so you may want to scale each recipe to the yield you’re looking to have.)

Thanks for visiting – enjoy!