Sushi Roll Salad

As much as I love making my own sushi rolls for lunch, sometimes the steps and myriad of components needed to put together plump rolls is too overwhelming.  Faced with mountains of commitments right now, I needed a simple way to answer the cravings I’ve been having for all the tasty goodness of sushi. Then…

Creamy Ginger Coleslaw

Cabbage Celery Green onions Quorn Chik’n Cubes (shredded) Corn Nuts Cilantro Mint Dressing: Sour cream Rice wine vinegar Dijon mustard Fresh ginger Fresh garlic Cilantro Mint Agave syrup Coriander Salt Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids On a warm spring day, eating in the shade outside, a cool, crunchy slaw with a little ginger bite, fragrant springtime…

Warm Roasted Parsley Root & Tempeh

Baby Kale & Wild Arugula salad mixes (Trader Joe’s) Roasted parsley root (olive oil, salt & pepper) – warmed briefly before mixing into greens Marinated, baked tempeh (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, Chinkiang vinegar, fresh rosemary, red chile flake, shallots, black pepper) – warmed briefly before mixing into greens Roasted pearl onions Feta Dressing: Trader Joe’s Truffle…

Speckled Black Beans & Bell Peppers

Spinach El Frijol Mechudo (speckled black beans) Pan fried bell peppers Pan fried onion Dressing Red wine vinegar Grainy Dijon Salt Smoked paprika A dinner born of necessity is sometimes surprisingly filling, don’t you think? I had planned to enjoy these creamy speckled black beans with pan fried bell pepper strips & onions folded in….

Autumn Salad

Spinach Roasted sugar pumpkin Marinated, baked tofu (apple cider jam, Dijon mustard, Thai red curry paste, Bragg’s liquid amino acids, red wine vinegar) Red onion Pink apple Cilantro Tangerine zest Dressing: Dried Chile Colorado  (dry skillet toasted & rehydrated) Thai red curry paste Red wine vinegar Apple cider vinegar Tangerine juice Fresh ginger Apple cider…

Sweet Potato & Avocado Rolls

Nori Califlower rice (Rice wine vinegar, Mirin, horseradish, cilantro, salt, sugar) Steamed sweet potato Avocado Orange bell pepper Soft bean curd sheet Pickled daikon (Rice wine vinegar, salt, sugar) Seed blend (Furikaki, sunflower & chia seeds, black & white sesame seeds, toasted millet)  

Mediterranean Crunch Made Better

Costco Mediterranean Crunch Mix: Romaine, Broccoli, Carrot, Red Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chicory Firm Tofu Red, yellow, & orange bell pepper Grape tomatoes Dressing: Grainy Dijon mustard Red miso Red wine vinegar Olive oil White wine vinegar Bragg’s liquid aminos Honey Smoked paprika Oregano Zata’ar Salt & pepper

Egg Salad

Arugula Hard boiled egg whites Jicama Celery Green onions Sacha Inchi nuts Dressing: Mayonnaise Yellow Mustard Lemon juice Rice wine vinegar Salt & Pepper Agave syrup Sumac

Smashed Cucumber & Tofu

English cucumber Firm tofu Roasted, salted peanuts Cilantro Dressing: Soy sauce Chinkiang vinegar Rice wine vinegar Sugar Salt Red chile flake Garlic Sesame oil

Spinach with Thai Yellow Curry Dressing

Spinach Carrots Cucumbers Garbanzo beans Red onion Crunchy peas Ginger Dressing: Thai yellow curry paste Dijon mustard Rice wine vinegar Olive oil Agave syrup Bragg’s Fish sauce Salt