Golden Beets with Creamy Horseradish Dressing

Sweet, mildly earthy, and warm – golden beets are a true favorite.  Their bright orange hue provides a fantastic range of minerals & vitamins but also a brightness on the plate of sunshine captured, stored underground, and available in an unassuming, delicious root.  Roasting brings out the sweet flavor of just about any vegetables, yellow…

White Bean Chili

December’s here and  nothing calls out to me more than a warm bowl I can wrap my hands around while I eat lunch (especially in light of the fact that the breakroom at work is always a touch on the chilly side, in my opinion).   A slightly creamy, tangy chili, with the subtle back-heat from…

Green Papaya Salad with Avocado

I’ve made lots of variations of  green papaya salad over the years (I’ve shared 10 on this site to date). Before it becomes the bright orange tropical fruit, an unripe papaya reveals itself as a crisp, light, mildly-cucumberesque vegetable that is most often seen at Thai restaurants as som tam salad.  On a recent night…

Egg Salad

Arugula Hard boiled egg whites Jicama Celery Green onions Sacha Inchi nuts Dressing: Mayonnaise Yellow Mustard Lemon juice Rice wine vinegar Salt & Pepper Agave syrup Sumac

Papaya & Cabbage Slaw with Creamy Thai Green Curry

Green papaya Green cabbage Purple cabbage Marinated, pan fried gluten rolls (Thai green curry paste, Bragg’s liquid aminos, rice wine vinegar, mustard seeds, ginger, apple cider vinegar) Snap peas Green onion Dried apricots Toasted, salted pecans Cilantro Rau Tia To / Purple perilla (Vietnamese mint) Dressing: Sour cream Rice wine vinegar Soy sauce Thai green…

Red Cabbage with Creamy Thai Yellow Curry

Red cabbage Lacinato kale Roasted sweet potatoes with lemon zest Black beans Toasted, salted pecans Roasted yellow summer squash Green onions Dressing: Sour cream Rice wine vinegar Thai yellow curry paste Cilantro Agave syrup Salt

Green Papaya with Creamy Dressing

Green papaya Chinese celery (Leaf celery) Leeks Marinated, baked gluten rolls Dried mango Serrano chile Mint Rau Ram (Vietnamese coriander leaves) Dressing: Sour cream Rice wine vinegar Mayonnaise Agave Shallot Salt Cayenne Dried coriander

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Creamy Dressing

Kale Roasted sweet potatoes (whole crushed cumin & coriander, smoked paprika, salt & pepper, olive oil) Roasted red onion Quorn Chicken Peas Red & orange bell peppers Dressing: Greek yogurt Sour cream Cilantro Mint Shallot Rice wine vinegar Lemon zest & juice Cucumber Maple syrup Cumin Coriander Smoked paprika Salt & pepper Nutmeg

Coconut Miso Dressing on Roasted Butternut Squash

Kale Roasted butternut squash Roasted pearl onions Quorn Chicken Green onion tops Roasted salted peanuts Dressing: Light coconut milk White miso Lime juice Cilantro Fresh ginger Green onion (white portion) Turmeric Red Chile flake Salt Agave

Celery & Sour Cream

Chinese celery Celery Corn Red bell pepper Green onions Quorn Chicken Dressing: Sour Cream White wine vinegar Agave Grainy Dijon Cilantro Zata’ar Smoked paprika Salt