Roasted Parsnip & Persimmon Salad

Kale Oven roasted parsnips  – warmed Fuyu persimmon Marinated, baked tofu (soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, red chile flake, cumin, coriander, garlic clove) – warmed Red onion Goat cheese Dressing: Rice wine vinegar Olive oil Soy sauce Lemon juice & zest Fresh ginger Maple syrup Smashed garlic clove Freshly grated nutmeg Cumin & coriander…

Warm Roasted Parsley Root & Tempeh

Baby Kale & Wild Arugula salad mixes (Trader Joe’s) Roasted parsley root (olive oil, salt & pepper) – warmed briefly before mixing into greens Marinated, baked tempeh (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, Chinkiang vinegar, fresh rosemary, red chile flake, shallots, black pepper) – warmed briefly before mixing into greens Roasted pearl onions Feta Dressing: Trader Joe’s Truffle…

Fennel & Golden Beets with Tart Cherry Dressing

Kale Fennel Roasted golden beets (olive oil, whole cracked fennel seed, coriander seed, black peppercorns, salt & thyme) Red onion Marinated, baked tempeh ( Bragg’s liquid aminos, balsamic vinegar, pomegranate molasses, Grainy Dijon mustard) Dried Bing cherries soaked in mandarin juice Mandarin zest Parsley Goat cheese Dressing: Mandarin juice Red wine vinegar Balsamic vinegar Olive…

Egg Salad

Arugula Hard boiled egg whites Jicama Celery Green onions Sacha Inchi nuts Dressing: Mayonnaise Yellow Mustard Lemon juice Rice wine vinegar Salt & Pepper Agave syrup Sumac

Jicama, Mandarins, & Avocado

Kale Jicama English cucumber Daisy mandarin Avocado Serrano chile Egg whites Toasted, salted pumpkin seeds Cilantro Mint Dressing: Rice wine vinegar Mandarin juice  Lemon juice Olive oil Cilantro Mint Salt Garlic Serrano chile Agave syrup Cumin Coriander  

Minted Dijon Coleslaw

Red cabbage Green beans Cucumber Orange bell pepper Hardboiled egg whites Avocado Mint Crunchy peas Dressing: Rice wine vinegar Sunflower oil Shallot Dijon Honey Mint Salt Meyer lemon oil

Fennel Salad with Tomato Rhubarb Dressing

Kale Fennel Quorn Chicken Red onion Dates Almonds Parsley Goat cheese Dressing: Cooked to a thick paste: tomato paste, rhubarb, red onion, Salt, 1 date, sprig of basil, a little water) Red wine vinegar Olive oil Toasted almond oil Honey Salt Garlic clove

Celery, Rhubarb & Radish Salad

Celery Daikon radish Rhubarb Kale Cranberries Toasted pumpkin seeds Feta Quorn chicken cubes   Dressing: Rice wine vinegar Lime juice & zest Cilantro Olive oil Rhubarb Serrano chile Sugar Salt Onion

Fennel, Green Beans, & Red Onions

Kale Fennel Green beans Red onion Baked, marinated gluten rolls (white miso, white wine vinegar, garlic, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, red chile flake) Green olives Toasted walnuts Shaved Parmesan Lemon zest Dressing: White wine vinegar Lemon Juice Olive oil Toasted walnut oil Basil Parsley Garlic Honey Za’atar Salt

Roasted Parsnips, Black Beans & Dried Oranges

Kale Roasted parsnips (crushed whole cumin seed, olive oil, salt & pepper) Black beans Dried orange slices (crushed whole cumin seed, olive oil, salt & pepper) Red onion (soaked in orange juice, zest & apple cider vinegar) Toasted pumpkin seeds Goat cheese Dressing: Orange juice & zest Apple cider vinegar White wine vinegar Olive oil Toasted…