White Bean Chili

December’s here and  nothing calls out to me more than a warm bowl I can wrap my hands around while I eat lunch (especially in light of the fact that the breakroom at work is always a touch on the chilly side, in my opinion).   A slightly creamy, tangy chili, with the subtle back-heat from…

Spicy Sprouts & Red Bell Pepper Rolls

Nori Califlower rice (seasoned with Mirin, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, horseradish, cilantro, & sugar) Fresh bean curd sheets Toasted sunflower seeds Shredded carrots & daikon radish Spicy sprouts blend Red bell pepper Dipping sauce: Soy sauce Rice wine vinegar Chinkiang vinegar When the craving for toasty nori, with its rich echos of the sea,…

Roasted Corn & Hatch Green Chile Soup

My friends have called me “the Soup Whisperer” because, as I do with salads, I get a creative idea for a soup “starter” and then compose a pot that builds on and enhances whatever the inspiration was.  I used to give out “Soup Certificates” for the holidays: handmade “coupons for soup” that had lots of…

Thai Yellow Curry & Carrot Soup

Carrots Yam Coconut milk Shallot Fresh ginger Thai yellow curry paste Trader Joe’s grapefruit marmalade Rice wine vinegar Salt Water Serve with a sprinkle of sumac Marinated baked tempeh Tempeh Thai yellow curry paste Rice wine vinegar Bragg’s liquid aminos Trader Joe’s grapefruit marmalade Chinkiang vinegar Microfleece blankets, with their light, soft texture, invite you…

Sweet Potato & Avocado Rolls

Nori Califlower rice (Rice wine vinegar, Mirin, horseradish, cilantro, salt, sugar) Steamed sweet potato Avocado Orange bell pepper Soft bean curd sheet Pickled daikon (Rice wine vinegar, salt, sugar) Seed blend (Furikaki, sunflower & chia seeds, black & white sesame seeds, toasted millet)  

Caper & Parsley Pesto on Zoodles

Thin zoodles Gluten rolls Heirloom cherry tomatoes Pan fry gluten rolls. Take pan off heat, add zoodles and use residual heat to slightly cook.  Stir in pesto and serve topped with sliced, seeded cherry tomatoes. Pesto: Capers Parsley Shallot Walnuts Garlic Lemon juice White wine vinegar Salt & Pepper Dill Honey  

Eggplant Noodles

Eggplant Gluten rolls Peanuts Cilantro Salt & pepper Sauce: Balsamic vinegar Soy Sauce Vegetable broth Red wine vinegar Molasses Red chile flake Ginger & garlic Raisins Saute eggplant noodles over med-high in  little olive oil for 3-5 mins. set on papertowel to wick off any wetness. Pan fry gluten rolls, add sauce on heat to…

Basil & Preserved Lemon Pesto

Basil Preserved lemon Garlic Red chile flakes Mint Lemon olive oil Salt & pepper Served over cooked zoodles & mock chicken cubes

Rainbow Pickles

Sliced and stacked veggies in a tasty brine. Quick refrigerator pickles to enjoy! Red bell peppers Carrots Yellow bell peppers Sugar snap peas cut on the bias English cucumber Peeled radishes Garlic cloves (slightly smashed) Pickling brine: Water White vinegar Salt Sugar Fresh Dill Crushed:  black mustard seed, whole coriander seed, ajwan seed, black peppercorns