Delicata Squash with Apple Cider Rosemary Dressing

Kale (Green curly & purple) Roasted delicata squash (warmed) Oven baked, marinated tempeh (warmed) (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, Balsamic vinegar, Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Jam, Fresh rosemary) Dry toasted hazelnuts Red onion Goji berries (dried lychee fruits/wolfberry) Dressing: Apple cider vinegar Balsamic vinegar Olive oil Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Jam Bragg’s Liquid Aminos Fresh rosemary Shallot…

Autumn Salad

Spinach Roasted sugar pumpkin Marinated, baked tofu (apple cider jam, Dijon mustard, Thai red curry paste, Bragg’s liquid amino acids, red wine vinegar) Red onion Pink apple Cilantro Tangerine zest Dressing: Dried Chile Colorado¬† (dry skillet toasted & rehydrated) Thai red curry paste Red wine vinegar Apple cider vinegar Tangerine juice Fresh ginger Apple cider…

Summer Vegetables & Fresh Herb Dressing

Zucchini Yellow summer squash Artichoke hearts (water packed) Roasted red bell peppers Shallot Tomatoes Marinated, baked tofu Dressing: Basil Parsley Mint Honey Red chile flake Capers Olive oil Garlic Lemon Juice White wine vinegar Salt

Red Cabbage with Creamy Thai Yellow Curry

Red cabbage Lacinato kale Roasted sweet potatoes with lemon zest Black beans Toasted, salted pecans Roasted yellow summer squash Green onions Dressing: Sour cream Rice wine vinegar Thai yellow curry paste Cilantro Agave syrup Salt

Pesto Zucchini & Watermelon Radish

Arugula Zucchini Watermelon radish Sugar snap peas Cannellini beans Shallot Dressing: Pesto (basil, parsley, Parmesan cheese, almonds, garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper, red chile flake) White wine vinegar Olive oil Lemon juice Garlic clove Dijon mustard Agave syrup Salt

Coconut Miso Dressing on Roasted Butternut Squash

Kale Roasted butternut squash Roasted pearl onions Quorn Chicken Green onion tops Roasted salted peanuts Dressing: Light coconut milk White miso Lime juice Cilantro Fresh ginger Green onion (white portion) Turmeric Red Chile flake Salt Agave

Roasted Apples, Delicata Squash & Raddichio

Kale Roasted delicata squash Roasted Jonagold & McIntosh apples Raddichio Marinated, baked tempeh (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, Chinkiang vinegar, Trader Joe’s Apple Cider jam, red chile flake) Shallots Parsley Feta Dressing: Trader Joe’s Apple Cider jam Apple cider vinegar Rice wine vinegar Olive oil Hazelnut oil Grainy Dijon Coriander Salt Zata’ar

Garam Masala Vinaigrette over Warmed Roasted Califlower & Delicata Squash

Kale Roasted califlower Roasted delicata squash Roasted yellow onion Baked, marinated gluten rolls (soy sauce, Chinkiang vinegar, Trader Joe’s Apple cider jam, red chile flake) Dried, salted chickpeas Dressing: White wine vinegar Apple cider vinegar Olive oil Trader Joe’s Apple cider jam Dijon mustard Garam masala Dry toasted, then ground whole cumin & coriander Salt…

Gingery Miso Slaw with Grilled Eggplant Slices

Cabbage Grilled Japanese eggplant Red onion Marinated, pan fried tempeh (miso, Dijon, soy sauce, Chinkiang vinegar, brown sugar) Yellow summer squash Cilantro Serrano chile Dried, salted chickpeas Dressing: Yellow miso Dijon Honey Ginger Garlic Rice wine vinegar White wine vinegar Cayenne Red chile flake Salt